Zen Shiatsu 1 schedule: 3 pm to 7 pm beginning April 1st and finishing end of May - 8 classes of 4 hours each. The cost for 32 hours training is $440, or save $25 with an early registration discount by March 28th. Since class sizes are very limited this is greatly appreciated for a head count, as well as holding your space. For those people wishing to audit ZS level 1, please call regarding availability and applicable discounts.

The next level one Zen Shiatsu course will allow for a total of 32 hours of instruction. There is no prerequisite for this level, except an open mind. However, you must successfully complete Zen Shiatsu level 1 before taking Zen Shiatsu level 2.

Please dress in comfortable work-out type clothes, (only natural fabrics conduct Qi/Ki), bring a pair of clean cotton socks, a water bottle, a pillow, and a ring binder or the likes thereof to organize and write in. Be prepared for a major appetite increase with this work, but breaks are minimal, so please come to class well nourished and hydrated for optimal learning. We'll start classes with Ki Do-In (paired and single meridian stretches).

To register, please contact Janus.

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